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About this webinar

In this webinar, we would like to provide a summary of our recent healthcare-related innovations to our Japanese customers, partners and other interested parties.

TNO @ Holst Centre is constantly innovating to enable the global shift from traditional healthcare to “Human-centric Healthcare”.

Instead of treating people as patients, Human-centric Healthcare emphasizes on providing a holistic healthcare solution, which includes preventive care enabled by remote monitoring devices.

During this webinar, you will get updates on the following topics:

  1. Health patches: Our new wearable health patch platform
  2. Large-area sensors for vital signs monitoring: Recent advancements in pressure and piezo sensing

Furthermore, we will introduce you to two new activity areas of TNO @ Holst Centre:

  1. Organ-on-chip: How we enable electronics integration for organ-on-chip applications
  2. Wearable devices for digital biomarkers: A new collaboration between TNO @ Holst Centre and TNO Healthy Living

Meet the speaker

Midori Inako, Region Manager Japan & Business Developer at the Holst Centre

Midori Inako has been working as an agency vendor position since January 2015.

Midori can provide multiple network and practical strategy through rich experience in information provider business for over 20 years.

Most of the knowledge of these period has been related to semiconductors and microelectronics and she continues to be updated within the Japanese network. Midori also has a detailed knowledge of the entrepreneurial/start-up companies.

Meet the speaker

Dr. Ashok Sridhar -Senior Business Development Manager

Ashok Sridhar responsible for the business development of TNO Holst Centre’s wearables, smart clothing and sensors portfolio. Additionally, he is involved in the creation of start-up companies from TNO Holst Centre.

Since 2010, Ashok has worked in various techno-commercial roles in the field of flexible printed electronics and 3D printing at different companies. In 2019, he also setup the first fully integrated printed electronics manufacturing facility in India.

Ashok has an Executive MBA (cum laude) from the TIAS School for Business and Society (the Netherlands), a PhD in printed electronics from the University of Twente (the Netherlands), a Master’s degree in production technologies from the Aachen University of Technology (Germany), and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Madras (India).

Meet the speaker

Drs. Marcel van Zandvoort, Senior Business Development Manager, TNO Healthy Living

Marcel van Zandvoort is responsible for business development in Digital Health in TNO Healthy Living, focusing on measuring health and management of health data. Additionally, he is leading the program on measuring health for prevention.

Since 1999, Marcel has been working at TNO in several roles is business development, in food, food technology, food safety and allergenicity.

Marcel studied Physical Chemistry at the University of Utrecht and has worked for Unilever for 15 years, until 1999, in several roles, as a scientist, product developer and in innovation management.


Human-centric Healthcare Update

Smart clothing for prevention of diseases by promoting healthy living

Thursday, 18 February 2021

4 pm Tokyo time

60 minutes including live Q&A