About this webinar

Human-centric healthcare is the central theme of this webinar series. This theme is well-aligned with the Society 5.0. Vision.

We are currently witnessing a transformation in the way healthcare is delivered: from the treatment of ‘patients’ towards ensuring the well-being of ‘human beings’. During this webinar we will elaborate on our recent developments on Near Infrared Imaging and X-ray Detectors, highlighting their potential use in Point-of-Care applications. Furthermore, we will present how Digital Drug Manufacturing can enable personalized therapy.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Daniel Tordera, Senior Researcher

Daniel Tordera is a Senior Researcher at TNO Holst Centre working on image sensors and leading the development on near infrared photodetector solutions. He received his PhD in Nanotechnology at the University of Valencia in 2014, where he studied organic electronic systems based on ionic materials for light emission. He was CEO of Lec-Val Lighting, a spin-off created to commercialize the results obtained during his PhD. Subsequently, he spent two years as a postdoctoral researcher at Linköping's University in the field of optics and plasmonics for energy and sensing applications. His research interests are in the topics of imaging for biometrics and healthcare applications.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Albert van Breemen, Senior Scientist

Albert van Breemen received his PhD in Organic and Polymer Chemistry from the University Hasselt, Belgium, in 1999. In that same year he joined TNO as Project Leader, being responsible for the technical and scientific content of several large projects on plastic electronics, inorganic photovoltaics and self-assembly. Since 2007 he works as a senior scientist at TNO Holst Centre, focusing on development of technology for flexible electronics applications like organic photodetectors, X-ray imagers, polymer actuators, TFTs and memories.

Meet the speakers

Anton Aulbers, MSc, Senior Consultant – 3D Pharma Printing

Anton has a background in Industrial Design Engineering. He has 30 years of experience in co-creating innovative multi-disciplinary technical solutions for and with customers in a wide range of domains, such as 3D printing. As Senior Consultant 3D Pharma printing Anton is taking the lead in tracking developments globally, defining the TNO roadmap for digital drug manufacturing, building strategic partnerships and developing the technology towards implementation in the market.