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Watch the presentation on “Vision on the future” by Martijn Stamm

Watch the  Keynote by Yutaro Ishiguro (Nomura Research Institute)

Watch the presentation on “Zero emission transport” by Ronald van den Putte

Watch the presentation on “Interaction inside the car” by Edsger Smits

Watch the presentation on “Cooperative Automated Driving and exterior” by Arjan Teerhuis

About this webinar

There are 3 trends that change the future of mobility: zero emission transport, automated driving and shared mobility.

As a European knowledge institute we support the automotive industry to accelerate the future of mobility through our world-class artificial intelligence and flexible electronics expertise.

During this online seminar - especially organized for the Japanese automotive industry - our latest innovations and insights will be shared.


16:00    Welcome by Lotte Willems

16:05    Vision on Future mobility by Martijn Stamm

16:20    Keynote by Yutaro Ishiguro (Nomura Research Institute)

16:40    Zero emission transport by Ronald van den Putte

17:00    Break

17:10    Automated driving: interaction inside the car by Edsger Smits

17:30    Cooperative Automated Driving and exterior HMI by Arjan Teerhuis

18:00    Closure

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Meet the speakers

Yurtaro Ishiguro - san, Chief consultant, Industrial IT Consulting Department/ Global Manufacturing Consulting Department

Yurtaro Ishiguro is a consultant at NRI (Nomura Research Institute)

He concentrates his work around business strategy on connected cars and autonomous vehicles such as the strategy of digital cockpit system development, voice and image recognition.

Meet the speakers

Ronald van den Putte, M. Sc., Senior Business Development Manager Automotive at TNO Traffic & Transport

Ronald van den Putte concentrates his business development around the application of sustainable technology in the powertrain of vehicles. Besides the overall energy management of the vehicle, he also focusses on batteries and fuel cell technology applied in the powertrain.

With a M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology, his experience in product development combined with his interest in business, Ronald’s mission is bringing innovations to market.

Meet the speaker

Dr. Edsger Smits, Program Manager – Printed Sensors

Edsger Smits received his PhD from the University of Groningen in the field of organic electronics. In 2009, he joined TNO Holst Centre to work on oxide based electronics and the development of flexible sensors. Currently he is the program manager responsible for the printed sensors activities. Topics of interests include laser processing, hybrid integration, printed and stretchable electronics.

Meet the speakers

Arjan Teerhuis, Senior Research Scientist, TNO, Dept. Integrated Vehicle Safety

Arjan is a Senior Research Scientist in the field of Automated Driving, with a focus on localization, path planning and control.

Since 2004, Arjan has been working at the Integrated Vehicle Safety department of TNO. Next to his primary role as Senior Research Scientist, he is the Technical Leader for vehicle dynamics and control related developments.

Arjan received his M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands in 2004. His research interests include localization, path planning, vehicle motion control and vehicle state estimation.


Accelerating the future of mobility

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

16 - 18 Tokyo time

120 minutes